Heartwarming Friendship: Orphaned Zebra and Rhino Calves Find Love and Support in Each Other


The unlikely friends hug each other at night.

Image credit: Wild Rhino Sanctuary CareIn the wild, the little zebra named Modjadji and the baby rhino named Daisy would probably never have met, let alone become friends.Daisy was found by rangers alone and struggling in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa.Whatever the cause, Daisy definitely needed around-the-clock care and feeding to boost her immune system and help her maintain a healthy body temperature.Image credit: Wild Rhino Sanctuary CareBut Daisy wasn’t the only recently orphaned baby animal at the sanctuary.”Modjadji was admitted to the sanctuary’s ICU in late November after being found motionless and barely breathing on the reserve following heavy rain and storms,” ​​Louwhen Bowker, media contact for Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, told the Dodo.

Image credit: Wild Rhino Sanctuary CareThe two orphaned babies soon became close friends, healing and comforting each other.“As they grew stronger and braver, their curiosity got the better of them and they began to interact with each other,” Bowker said.After spending a month together, the two orphaned animals are more like sisters.“They snuggle together at night, which gives Daisy comfort and security,” Bowker explained.Image credit: Wild Rhino Sanctuary CareHopefully, one day the two little orphans will be able to run free and meet other rhinos and zebras.

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