King Cat LYNX: The largest and most beautiful Canadian cat in the world, the size of the feet should be called giant


The Caпada lyпx lives iп forested areas aпd like makiпg their deпs υпderпeath falleп trees, tree stυmps, rock ledges or thick bυshes. They are territorial aпimals, aпd males υsυally live aloпe.

Image credits: focused_on_canada

Image credits: Les Piccolo

With large eyes and advanced hearing, the Canada lynx excels at sight combat. However, because they can’t fly very fast, these creatures must compensate with covert tactics when it comes to catching prey. An ordinary person is looking for a place to hide and waiting for the prey to come hunt them, at which point they take advantage. Sometimes they remain motionless for hours, just to eat something.

Image credits: kathleenreeder

Image credits: thelynxprojectTracy Munson (@focused_on_canada) is one of the photographers who had the opportunity to capture the Canada lynx. “I have not yet had the fortune of encountering a bobcat in the wild,” she told Bored Panda. “The lynx in my photo was a permanent resident of a wildlife rehabilitation center in Ontario. Unfortunately, someone had taken him as a kitten and declawed him, so he could never return to the wild. Photographing it was a lot like photographing a really big, angry cat.”

Image credits: kayleehewett

Image credits: UnknownMunson, who won the title of Photographic Artist of the Year from the Professional Photographers of Canada Atlantic Region, shared some thoughts on how we should approach these majestic creatures. “Like the wild ones, lynxes are quite shy and reserved, so you would be very lucky to see them,” the photographer explained. “If you were outside, you would want to keep your distance and use a long telephoto lens. As with all wildlife, try to move as little as possible and be very quiet. I would expect to find bobcats in heavily forested areas where they have plenty of places to hide. Winter tends to be a better time to see them, when there are few leaves on the trees and they have fewer

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