Russian Girl’s Adopted Bear Becomes an Unexpected Instagram Sensation for His Size and Cuddly Obesity

OkLet me introduce you to the subject, a 2-year-old male teddy bear whose weight has never been revealed. However, considering it is a teddy bear, it weighs only 3-9kg!


Each day, Tema receives a special high-quality diet, including dog food, seafood, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. theme lives with two “fur brothers”, a dog and a cat (the cat and the teddy bear share the same bed, how convenient!).Lena troskina is the keeper of the subject, and according to Lena, her husband used to work as a zoo manager and one day he brought home the teddy bear.“When I first saw his photo, the little guy made my heart melt. And I knew I fell in love at first sight,” Lena says excitedly, referring to the teddy bear and not her husband.When Tema was little, Lena had to bottle feed him every 2-3 hours a day, and she also gave him belly massages to help him digest properly. But as he grew older, Tema gained weight and became more mischievous.


Lena mentions that she can’t work because her “son” is constantly scratching her laptop screen, and when she’s cleaning the house, he… bathes in the bucket of water. Even when she is eating, he “bullies” her.“Despite all that, I still try to dedicate a lot of time to the subject,” says the woman about her unconditional love.But thank goodness, the couple still has some common sense. They have redesigned the entire house to make sure your belongings are safe. The reason?“Teddy bears are very intelligent. They know how to open all the doors, dish cupboards, wardrobes and even drawers, but the most terrifying thing is the refrigerator and microwave. My particular subject has destroyed the kitchen floor, ripped the wallpaper off the walls, torn wallpaper, and even broken the bathroom pipes. Therefore, we now have all the doors locked. If you raise a teddy bear, there will come a time when you will discover that the house no longer belongs to you,” Lena shares about her hilarious and heartbreaking experiences with the subject.


Today, the teddy bear theme continues to make waves on Instagram every day. And many Internet users have decided that “there may not be bears, but there definitely must be teddy bears.”However, zoologist Suzanne MacDonald of Canada warns against doing that. Suzanne says that many people (in North America) tend to buy teddy bears when they are small and adorable. But just 8 months later, they become destructive machines, with terrifying behavior.“At that time, many people will abandon teddy bears. In places like Germany or South Korea, that has happened. And wild teddy bears could cause serious damage to the ecosystem or transmit diseases. If teddy bears do not live in their natural habitat in North America, they are considered an invasive species,” says Dr. Suzanne.


Unless you are a “superhero” like Lena Troskina’s partner, who fell in love and can put up with the teddy bear’s stubborn character, destructive behavior and insatiable appetite.They sacrifice a lot of time and effort to vaccinate, feed and care for their pets. Everything has its price, right? This is life!


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