The beauty of the creature Name Gryfaup: a hybrid of mythical forms


The culture of East Asia is the cradle of many anecdotes and legends associated with gods, mysterious creatures with very different powers. These include hybrids between basic animal races, or between humans and animals such as sphinxes. Recently, netizens are spreading the image of an extremely beautiful animal, making everyone look dumbfounded. It is known that this is a character that only exists in myths, but suddenly appeared in real life, which greatly interested Internet users.

Gryfaun: a hybrid of mythical forms

This beautiful animal is called Gryfaun, a combination of two species of Gryphon (griffin) and Faun (forest god). The creature, about 40cm tall, has parts like a lion’s mane, an owl’s face and horns that “evolved” from the legendary forest god. About the Griffin, this is an animal from Ancient Egyptian mythology, in the original version it is known that it has wings to fly.

Faun is the name of the forest god who often appears in Greek and Roman mythology. According to the remaining description, Faun has a half-human, half-goat form. The top is a human body with horns and goat ears, and from the waist down is the body of a goat. Many documents say that the female version of Faun will be half human, half deer, quite similar to the image of Gryfaun. This wood spirit often appears to chat, help, and guide travelers when they are lost or lonely.

Beautiful creature that is considered a guardian godIt is known that the Gryfaun in the photo was originally just a handmade product created by humans. With delicately made parts, assembled and handled with extreme skill, it can be moved and moved freely. The fur is also very delicately made, as soft as animal hair. The head, shoulders and limbs are molded from high-quality, long-lasting plastic, ensuring they do not wear out over time.

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