7 extraordinary records LionelMessi can break in 2024 – Which records will he achieve?

Lionel Messi has the potential to shatter enormous records at both the club and national team levels in the year 2024.

1. highest scorer in the Copa America

At the moment, Lionel Messi is only four goals away from breaking the record for the most goals scored in the history of the Copa America. Messi has scored 14 goals in this competition, while Norberto Mendez and Zizinho each have 17 shots on goal. Mendez and Zizinho are tied for the record.

Messi scored four goals in the most recent Copa America event, therefore it is not difficult to imagine that this record will be beaten this summer.

7 insane records that Lionel Messi can break in 2024 for Inter Miami & Argentina - Bóng Đá

2. Inter Miami’s all-time top scorer

It’s crazy to think that Messi achieved this record just a few months after joined the club. The Argentine striker has scored 11 goals for the club, meaning Messi is only 18 goals away from Gonzalo Higuain’s record of 29 goals.

As things stand, Messi averages a goal every 96 minutes for the MLS side. So, El Pulga will be able to break this record easily if they maintain that strike rate.

3. The player with the most assists in Inter Miami history

Along with breaking the scoring record, Messi will certainly also keep an eye on the assist record. His teammate Robert Taylor currently holds the record for the most assists in the history of Inter Miami with 14 times.

Messi is not too far behind as he bagged 5 assists in his first 14 appearances for the club. With his amazing passing skills, Messi can break this record in the 2024 calendar year.

4. Contributed to the most goals for the national team

Messi will have a chance to regain this record in 2024. He has been neck and neck with Cristiano Ronaldo for this title for quite some time, although the Portuguese striker has the advantage at this time.

Lionel Messi wasn't seen at MLS media day. Doesn't matter, since everyone  talked about him - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Ronaldo currently holds the record with 163 goals for Portugal, while Messi’s achievement in Argentina reaches 159. With a series of good matches for Argentina, Messi can easily close the gap, or even overcome great enemies.

5. Contributed to the most goals for Inter Miami

As well as being the club’s record goalscorer, Higuain also holds the record for most goal contributions in the club’s history. The record currently stands at 40 goal contributions and Messi has a great chance to break it this year.

With the current situation, Messi will need to participate 24 times in Inter Miami’s goal situations.

6. Hit a huge goal

7 insane records that Lionel Messi can break in 2024 for Inter Miami & Argentina - Bóng Đá

 Messi is aiming for a round milestone.

Even though Messi already holds the record for the most goal contributions in the 21st century, there is still a possibility that he will surpass that record this year and thereby achieve a significant milestone. At this point, the player who will win the World Cup in 2022 is only 18 goals away from hitting the milestone of 1,200 goals contributed for both the club team and the national team.

Ronaldo is the only player who can accomplish comparable stats during the Messi era.

7. A record number of matches to be played in the Copa America football tournament

The player who had previously played at Nou Camp topped this chart, together with Sergio Livingstone, who had previously represented Chile at the international level, with 34 appearances in this competition. At the 2018 Copa America, however, the Argentine attacker has the ability to monopolize this achievement and do so with complete dominance.

It is very likely that Messi will surpass this record if he does not sustain any injuries.

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