A dog searches for its owner for two years, unaware of their departure, displaying unwavering love and devotion that transcends time

Every day, people in a village outside the city can see a white slender dog walking down the road depressed.

He didn’t react even when someone approached him, even when traffic was dangerous. His eyes were full of sorrow as if he lost everything. The locals said that the dog had been wandering around for a long time, in spite of the fact his weak legs could barely help him stand firmly. Passers-by couldn’t take their eyes off the poor dog, they wondered what he was looking for.

It turned out he was not a homeless dog, his house was in this area and he lived with his owner couple. . Since the owners were busy at work, they usually had to leave their house for the whole day, and the dog named Jindal was at home alone. He didn’t always appear this unhappy, they say; he used to be a cheerful dog that always stayed by his grandma’s (the owner’s mother) side. Jindal has been .ᴅ.ᴇᴀᴅ and depressed since she .ᴅ.ᴇᴀᴅ more than a year ago.

He couldn’t get over the idea that he had suddenly lost his adored grandmother. Jindal sat on the ground and sobbed uncontrollably during the funeral. He went outside every day, no matter how bad the weather was.

But he could never find her, just longing for her in desperation. He walked on every road that he and his old friend used to walk together. He couldn’t speak out but his action was like he wanted to find where his kind owner was now. He missed her so much.

As time went by, it was all 2 years since he had been roaming on the streets and his status got worse rapidly. The vet said it was hard to treat him because he had old age, but they believed that love could help him better, step by step. Now, the lady owner started to walk with Jindal every day, like the grandma used to do. He no longer had to walk alone.

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