A stray dog, burdened by a massive tumor, dragged its pain through the streets, hoping for a helping hand.

In the Zira district of Baku, a stray dog silently suffered, burdened by a colossal tumor that grew unchecked. For too long, she endured without assistance, as her plight was dismissed due to her status as a “stray” dog.

But when a report reached our ears, we could not turn a blind eye. Determined to make a difference, we swiftly came to her aid, transporting her to a veterinary clinic.

At the clinic, a series of crucial tests were conducted, including ultrasounds, X-rays, and blood tests, to determine the cause and extent of the tumor. Fortunately, the tumor had not metastasized nor attached itself to any vital organs. Her kidneys, liver, and bladder remained intact, offering hope that she could be saved.

However, the blood tests painted a more worrisome picture, revealing severe anemia. This presented a significant obstacle, as a surgery would be life-threatening without proper treatment. The expenses associated with her treatment were substantial, as she would need to reside at the veterinary clinic’s therapy facility.

Days turned into weeks, and Zira remained under the close observation and intensive care of the veterinary team. Although an urgent surgery was needed, the veterinarian advised against proceeding until her anemia had improved.

The risks associated with such a critical procedure, combined with her low hemoglobin levels, made it too dangerous to remove the tumor at that time. Zira continued to receive dedicated therapy and care, inching closer to the end of her treatment.

Day 20 brought a glimmer of hope. Zira’s condition had stabilized, and her blood tests displayed significant progress since the start of her treatment. With this positive development, Zira was deemed ready for the tumor removal surgery.

A series of additional X-rays were performed to ensure there were no complications in her lungs, and thankfully, all was clear. The surgery date was eagerly awaited, and a new blood test was conducted to determine the optimal timing.

The prayers and support of kind-hearted individuals continued to uplift Zira’s spirits. The collective concern for this senior doggie touched many hearts. As the surgery date approached on day 31, apprehensions arose about how Zira, at approximately eight years old, would tolerate the anesthesia.

However, under the skilled care of Dr. Tarlan, the procedure proceeded smoothly. The long-awaited news arrived, bringing immense relief and joy—Zira was now free from the tumor that had plagued her.

While it was initially considered to spay her during the same surgery, Dr. Tarlan advised against it, recognizing the strain it would impose on Zira’s recovery. But day 40 brought even more reasons to celebrate as her stitches were removed, confirming that her healing process was progressing well.

Gratitude overflowed for the veterinary team, the support received from generous individuals, and the blessings bestowed by a higher power.

Day 78 marked a significant milestone—Zira had fully recovered and was ready to embrace life anew after spending nearly three months at the veterinary clinic. The successful removal of the tumor had been a pivotal moment in her journey, accompanied by vital therapies, screenings, and postoperative care.

In addition to her tumor removal, Zira had also been spayed during her stay at the clinic. With the support of compassionate individuals, Zira could now return to her natural habitat, where she deserved a joyful life within a loving forever family.

Zira’s story exemplifies the transformative power of hope, compassion, and collective action. It serves as a testament to the resilience of animals and the impact that can be made when individuals rally together to provide a second chance at life.

May Zira’s journey inspire us all to extend kindness and care to animals in need, ensuring that they too can experience the joy of a happy and fulfilling existence.

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