Abandoned like refuse, a terrified, infested puppy hides, eyes infected and desperate for rescue in a dark corner.

A heart-wrenching story of a little puppy left to fend for himself on the streets of an unknown city has come to light. Found by a group of animal lovers, the puppy’s condition was deplorable, with both eyes infected and covered in ticks, fleas, and infected wounds under his neck. The rescuers named him Be Hai and took him under their care.

Upon examination by a vet, it was discovered that Be Hai was not seriously ill but was suffering from scabies, weakness, and helminth infections. The wounds on his body were believed to be from a possible attack by a bigger dog. The rescue team immediately got to work, and after cutting off his hair and removing ticks and fleas, the little puppy began to look like his old self.

Be Hai is about 2 months old, and his weak and injured state indicated he had been mistreated before being abandoned on the streets. Despite his past, Be Hai’s appetite was good, and he responded well to the treatment given by the rescuers. They provided him with nutritious food and combined home treatment with regular visits to the vet.

Through consistent care, love, and patience, Be Hai began to show remarkable improvements. His wounds began to heal, and he became a handsome boy who was playful and happy. Although he is still wary of strangers, it is understandable given the trauma he has faced.

The rescue team has committed to providing Be Hai with a better and happier life than he had before. He is now in good health and has been treated with love and care, and he deserves a loving forever home where he can live out his days happily. The story of Be Hai shows that with love, care, and patience, even the most vulnerable and broken can heal and thrive.

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