Roadside Resilience: Abandoned Puppy Endures Excruciating Pain in a Bag, a Tale of Resilience and Second Chances.


Poor Puppy Abandoned on the Side of the Road in a Bag in Excruciating Pain

Received a call from Dusty Anna , about a month old female pup who has severe maggot wound. He was abandoned beside the road in a bag in severe pain, lying there waiting for death. She has a large wound on her small body, hundred maggot is eating her alive! Please pray for her can win the fight.

She’s a fighter! We are on the way to the Vet for checking and treatment. Why heartless people can do that to this little innocent puppy? and how? We don’t know and no one know. It’s heart broken when I see her lying there in pain… The female pup with severe maggot wound is currently under treatment. Her name is Michiko! The month-old pup probably suffered an animal bite and the wound was later infested with maggots.

She now has loose stools and vomiting, owing to which she’s under critical care with intravenous feeding. If all goes well, hopefully, she would recover in a week or so and can be taken for fostering. Day 2: Michiko the cute little stray puppy with maggot wound in her right hand. All the maggots removed and she is recovering beautifully.

We are so proud of all this little girl has overcome in her life She just needs a little bit of time to heal, but keep an eye out because Michiko will officially be ready for adoption starting next week Day 3: i still daily take Michiko to BMAD for treatment and fluids.

She is making progress! Day 10: Our littel Michiko is slowly recovery!

She’s very happy with her new friend, a cat. When Michiko is full recovery, she will be adopted to happy family. Best wishes for Michiko, She deserve a happy life forever!

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