Experience the agonizing plight of a collapsed dog with a spinal injury, enduring days of unanswered cries for help, fading hope, and aching for relief.

Miracle or Not: A Dog’s Journey to Recovery

It was a harrowing two-hour journey until we found her, shaking and exhausted in the mud. The poor dog was scared and wanted to run away, but her fractured spine made it impossible. The driver who spotted her said she had been laying there for two days. We rushed her to her house, bathed her, and fed her. That’s when we realized the seriousness of her condition.

At the vet, we received heartbreaking news: her spine was intricately fractured. The success rate for surgery was low, and the doctor said if only she had come sooner. But no one had stopped to help her. We agreed to the surgery, even though the hope was slim. The complicated operation took three hours, and when she woke up, she smiled at us. We hoped for a miracle.

Days passed, and she was injected with painkillers. However, there was no progress in walking, and she became aggressive towards her roommate. We knew she was under stress during treatment, so we decided to give her a few days off to relax. Those days were vital for her. She was happy, had friends, and was loved again. The dogs gave her the drive to exercise.

But one day, we caught her crawling around, longing to be able to walk like her friend. She had changed so much in those few days. She was always smiling and having fun with everyone. We knew we had to do something, so we bought her an exercise wheelchair. At first, she was confused and awkward, but she learned quickly how to use it.

We were optimistic until she developed a high fever of 40.6 degrees. We had to rush her back to the vet urgently. She was given fluids and prescriptions right away, and the doctor reassured us that everything would be fine. She cried because she was tired, but the next day, things were better.

Today, she is excited to be home and to meet up again with her friends. The doctor said no miracle would happen, but we know we made the right decision. We would regret it more if we didn’t know the outcome. Her journey to recovery may not have been a miracle, but it was a testament to the power of love and determination.

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