Lionel Messi từng suýt gia nhập LA Galaxy

There were intriguing rumors in the summer of 2022 that Lionel Messi and former teammate Luis Suarez may reunite at LA Galaxy, a move that would have completely changed the MLS landscape. AS reports suggested that Galaxy were considering Suarez in an attempt to sign Messi and the Uruguayan striker.

Argentina v France: Final - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

But the Galaxy’s coach at the time, Greg Vanney, was hesitant to approve Suarez’s arrival. Vanney was reluctant because he thought Suarez’s style wouldn’t work well in the team’s structure. The Galaxy didn’t tactically align with this move because Suarez’s identical traits were already had by Javier Hernandez and Dejan Jovelic, who were already members of the squad.

An intriguing tidbit was disclosed during this time by an insider close to AS: Suarez’s agent alluded to a scheme in which the Uruguayan would arrive first, opening the door for his “friend” to follow suit. Although this “friend’s” name was kept a secret, every sign seemed to point to Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi wanted in shock move by LA Galaxy as MLS side join Man Utd in  transfer race for unsettled Barcelona icon – The US Sun | The US Sun

The idea that Messi and Suarez would be joining him in the Major League Soccer generated enthusiasm among both supporters and analysts. The two football legends, who were once fierce rivals at Barcelona, seemed to be working together, and this may lead to an incredible show of skill and friendship on American territory.

Unfortunately, the stars weren’t right for this big-budget release. The plan failed because to Vanney’s strategic hesitations and the intricacies of squad chemistry, depriving Messi of his ambition of wearing the Galaxy uniform.

Messi to Miami? After Months of Build-Up MLS Move May Be On Hold –

In MLS history, the near-miss of Messi’s possible presence to LA Galaxy is a heartbreaking “what-if” scenario. Even though the Argentine maestro never set foot on Dignity Health Sports Park’s fields, the idea of his possible coming is nevertheless a thrilling plot point that had the ability to completely change the history of the league.

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