The boy has hands that make people afraid to come close for fear of spreading the disease

Such a situation is quite uncommon.

believe that my hands are unlucky

A lot of people in my community think that my hands are bad on me or the result of witchcraft.

to be able to work for myself and my family.

Yes, all i want is to have a regular hands to be able to work for myself and my family.

This is how i hold my brush.

It is very hard for me to grip it.

As you can see, the worst thing with the living, the earlier disease, is that you get.

Your condition is just worsening each day by day.

23 year old, Haroon was born with a rare skeletal disorder known as olya disease, which causes abnormal bone development.

It has affected my shoulder, as you can see.

It is of a big group here, and my hands, as you can just see, they have to wear those clothes.

They are elastic.

Yeah, It is hard to walk, as every pain here when i walk, especially in a long distance and when i start.

For a long time it has been very hard for me to live with such accordation.

Okay, thank you, thank you for visiting me.

Can just have a seat.

Have a seat, is?

I started, uh, having complications at the age of seven years.

Haroon was diagnosed when he was six and has had a number of surgeries to try and treat his condition, but each time the problem has returned more severely you can imagine how hard it is.

The growth come back after the surgery right now not receiving a kind of medical treatment, because i will be willing to have the treatment

But i don’t have those funds to receive that kind of treatment.

I do come from a very humble background.

In such a way we are poor, we don’t live in a stable life.

I lived with a friend of mine who took me in.

I had no place to go.

I was living by then on the street.

They’ve been cooking food for me, making tea.

I make sure that i have the basic need the available on my side.

He has been a good friend to me and i’m very grateful to have such a friend leaving his.

We are ideas, preparing yourself to go to the marketplace, where there is a lot of people.

Actually it is a challenge.

There is a lot of judging.

A lot of people in my community think that my hands are bar domain or the result of witchcraft or i am cast.

Actually they say there are those who say that i should be a one of those actors in a horror movie when people say such a thing to me: you feel depressed.

So this is where i come to the market and, as you can see people around here, they are just staring at me and they run away.

But most of us, we treat him like our brother.

My biggest wish is to get the right treatment from the right doctor so that i can live a regular life.

Haroon hopes to be able to train as a journalist in the future to help raise awareness about people who are living in challenging situations, such as himself.

People are inspired by the way they deal with my condition.

All i want is to have a regular hands to be able to work for myself and my family.

I’m still dreaming.

I have not kept my dream down you.

The Man With Giant 'Claw' Hands | BORN DIFFERENT

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