The truth about the flight that suddenly disappeared, 37 years after landing, the 57 passengers are still young

For a long time, people have been telling each other the story of a plane that mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared 37 years later. Now, the truth about this mysterious incident has finally come to light.

The flight mysteriously disappeared 37 years later

The story goes that Pan America flight Pan Am 914 was scheduled to take off on July 2, 1955, traveling from New York to Miami (USA) with 57 passengers and 4 flight attendants. But not long after taking off from New York, air traffic control staff lost signal to the flight. Pan Am 914 was a DC Douglas plane that completely disappeared from radar and there were no signs of an accident or bodies. No one knows what happened to the plane.

After an investigation, authorities concluded that the plane had crashed and all passengers and crew were killed. People could not find the plane’s wreckage, so it was assumed that it crashed at sea. Therefore, the airline compensated all related families who were entitled to death benefits.

37 years later, something extremely strange happened. On September 9, 1992, at Simón Bolívar International Airport, Caracas, Venezuela, a DC-4 Douglas appeared from somewhere and was not even greeted by the airport radar.

Juan de la Corte, an air traffic controller who played a key role in the Pan Am mystery. He was the one who discovered the DC Douglas on radar. Accordingly, he heard the question from the Pan Am pilot: “Where are we?”. “We are a Pan American Airways flight, traveling from New York to Miami with 4 crew and 57 passengers,” the pilot said. This made Juan extremely surprised and shocked.

The report said Pan Am 914 went about 1,800km in the wrong direction. Juan was confused by this information, but he quickly asked a few important questions and cleared the way for the plane to land. After that, the air traffic controller continued to be shocked when he heard the pilot say: “We plan to land in Miami at 9:55 a.m. on July 2, 1955.” Juan confirms with the pilot that they are landing in Caracas and that it is now May 21, 1992. In addition, Juan was shocked when he saw the plane, it looked so outdated.

After Juan told the pilot the date, the air traffic control team could hear passengers panicking and screaming. Juan ordered security to escort passengers off the plane. However, the pilot asked them not to come close and then took off. The plane disappeared into the clouds, leaving no trace. Jets were sent to locate the strange plane but were unsuccessful. But there are reports that have identified the whereabouts of the plane and its passengers just hours after they disappeared from Caracas. Reports suggest the plane went to Miami.

Some sources also say that the plane landed in Miami just a few hours after leaving Caracas. Naturally, Miami airport employees were just as shocked as Juan. They have many questions for this mysterious plane. Finally, they let the passengers and crew leave the airport to return to reunite with their loved ones.

However, what shocked the families and others was that the passengers on the plane did not age at all. They still look the same as they did in 1955. People have asked where this plane has been going for the past 37 years, how it can fly without running out of fuel and why are the people on it so young?

The truth is revealed

The story of Pan Am flight 914 has been circulating on the Internet for years and is a hot topic on UFO and time travel forums. The most popular theory is that the plane went through a time portal or wormhole. Instead of landing in Miami in 1955, it appeared in Venezuela 37 years later. One person even suggested that the plane returned to the wormhole after leaving Caracas. Apparently, it is not yet fully understood how wormholes or time portals work.

However, later, the truth was revealed. The disappearance is completely fabricated. It originated from a story first published in 1985 in the tabloid Weekly World News. This newspaper specializes in writing such crazy, fabricated stories and it published the story about this plane twice in the 1990s.

The story went viral when YouTube channel Bright Side posted a video about the disappearance. The video quickly received more than 15 million views and it exposed details that were not in the story originally published in Weekly World News. In two reprints of the incident, this newspaper used pictures of two different men, saying they were witnesses. The picture of the DC Douglas they posted is actually a DC-4 available on the Alamy website taken in 1935.

In addition, according to Snopes’ investigation, the disappearance of Pan Am 914 was only published on Weekly World News. Thus, we can completely confidently conclude that this is just a fictional story. However, it cannot be denied that it is very attractive to readers and there are many people who still believe in absurd things like this.

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