Reflecting on a different way to understand pain and grief. Watch our video as we share a powerful story about acceptance and love.

Oh, foreign, foreign, um, stop coming.

It was so heartbreaking to see young children asking God to let their own mother die rather than experience unimaginable pain she was enduring.

All children had the same wish, starting from the youngest.

It was a story full of tears, pain, worry, losing hope and lamentations.

The mother was rotting in front of her children who could not afford medicine to their dying mother.

But today there are smiles on each of these children’s faces as we delivered fans gathered by friends from Afromax English, and the mother was taken to the hospital after we visited.

Now she’s showing recovery signs.

These children are dropped out of school because their mother, who could pay their fees, was almost dying and they had to drop out so as to help her come back to life.

After we visited them, they can now dream of a better future.

They are now able to go to school.

They are looking forward to a better life.

They can’t wait making their mama proud.

This is the update.

Our mother is at the hospital and our sister is the one who is taking care of her.

Our mother is still sick, but shows signs of improvement.

By then, we could see that we were about to lose her.

For now we have hope.

We believe that it’s just a matter of time.

We’ll soon be rejoicing with her.

After you visited, some people called me on the phone and shared me with the words of encouragement, telling me not to worry.

Others sent money that we have been depending on for the past few weeks, buying food and other necessary items here at home.

I thank all people who cared and helped us.

Last time i was crying i had lost hope.

I thought i was going to lose my mother, but now i’m so happy.

My mom was taken to the hospital.

When we talked to her from the hospital, we can see there are quite a lot of improvement.

We are sure that she’s soon recovering.

After visiting you and covering your story, people around the world decided to participate in saving your mother.

They went on contributing via Gofundme and today will bring you all the funds gathered, and the youngest was shocked by this amount of money and decided to run.

When he returned and removed a packet of notes, they were all surprised and screamed so loud.

They then began smiling and singing.

It became a miracle when Dieldon pulled out another packet of money.

They all busted into laughter.

They could not believe all this money was theirs from here.

Each and everyone had to react to this surprise.

They have done so great for us.

May God bless them.

I mean too much blessings upon their lives.

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