The “miracle of life” is depicted in the image of the boy holding out his arms.

God sent a wonderful message to parents through a newborn child. The image of a boy with outstretched arms is a “miracle of life.”

The photo of the little Mexican Eduardo André Santos, who is only a few days old, became popular through the Twitter profile of ACI Prense, thanks to his father, who took the photo.

He assures me that the picture of the boy with open arms is a “miracle of life.”

“I had the opportunity to be there and capture that moment with my cell phone, but I didn’t expect that our son would welcome us with open arms,” Eduardo Santos told ACI Prensa.

Both parents decided to share the photo of the birth of their first child, on December 16, because for them it represents a “message from God,” who “tells them through the little one that he loves them.”

“Now it’s up to us to respond to that message through care, learning values, passing on faith, and above all, through love.”

Eduardo addressed those parents who are thinking about abortion: “Be guided by your conscience because we are surrounded by lies and confusion. A child increases love, and his life is holy. There are testimonies of many people who chose not to have abortions, including the parents of famous people, such as Steve Jobs’ parents.”

He claims that “life does not end” after pregnancy. “There are lies about how no goal can be achieved in life once you get pregnant; however, a child provides motivation to achieve success in the things we long for. We have to give them a chance to live and sacrifice ourselves.”

“We are parents for the first time, and it took us some time to get used to this change, but the truth is that when we watch him sleep and see his angelic face, it motivates us. If a mother who does not want her child decides to take a risk, she will reveal all these details,” he concluded.

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