Witness the incredible journey of survival as this inspiring individual overcomes severe burns. Doctors are amazed by his miraculous recovery a story of strength and resilience.

The skin is one of the most important part of the human body and is the biggest part of the body, covering almost every body parts, including body organs, bones and many more.

And apart from respiratory and extraordinary functions, the skin prevents germs from entering the body and damaging internal organs.

The skin is also one of the most visible part of someone.

That’s why everyone tries to clean themselves and have a great look, and in that process we look for cosmetics to apply for our skins to always be smooth, and whenever someone’s skin is damaged it offends the victim and sometimes they even omit themselves and go away from others.

Today we’re in Tanzania.

In a place called Nyagasangwe.

We visit a man called Daniel, who’s 99 of his fascia skin was burned.

Dan is a guy who is always called and talks less.

Was he always like this?

Was he?

He tells us more about his life.

I’m called Daniel Joseph.

I was born in a place called Kaya Kilimanjaro Port.

I have 27 years of age.

That means i was born in 1995.

I’m the second born in our family.

My father is still alive, but unfortunately my mother died.

I went to school and studied, but i was not lucky enough to continue my educational career as i had to drop out of school when i was in senior two.

I do carpentry for a living and i make chairs, beds and more.

Daniel was a normal guy before he had an accident, but this changed drastically.

After having the accident which ruined his face, he sits down telling us all what happened for him to become like this.

In his own words, he says it’s a long story.

In 2014, i was in care.

This friend of mine told me he had part-time job and we had to load a vehicle.

After loading that vehicle, we entered that Toyota, but on our way we started dozing.

I heard my friend screaming that Daniel be aware of those electric cables.

As i was rising the head, i was struck by electricity.

I will never, ever forget that day.

It was in 2014 and it was the final day of the world cup.

My body was totally damaged and i was taken to Kasinsi Hospital.

The accident was so serious that he fell in coma and spent three months and even more six months at the hospital.

I thank God that i’m alive, for at least i still breathe.

Having not lost my life is only by God’s grace.

I cannot complain, for i have not any reason.

During his time at the hospital, his sister is the one who was his caretaker and the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident.

After recovering, he phoned when the b was too much and he was afraid.

He told our journalist that many people visited him at the hospital, but there were always the sister and that vehicle owner doctor said that the whole treatment process required a whopping 14 million in his local currency, and good samaritans donated and contributed 12 million, which they paid, and the hospital forfeited the two remaining million.

Though this man developed a sense of her self-acceptance, Tim came and he had to throw away all pictures of him.

He decided to throw them away so that he could not always see how he looked before and get hurt.

At that moment he had lost hope and never thought he would not even have the faith he has.

Today he jokes saying that despite looking like this, he was the most handsome man in the world, though he returned to his normal life.

But Daniel has not fully recovered at the moment.

He has an artificial nose that does not breathe.

He says it’s just a decoration that doctors attached to him.

He breathes via the mouth.

At first it was difficult and painful, but the man got used to it

And he’s now okay with it.

At home we found a mother who also told us more about Daniel Ramadan.

She’s called Aisha Hussein Ramadhan, a widow with three children who is the landlady to Dan as a neighbor.

She says she knew him the day he was looking for the house to rent, but that very day she wasn’t around and had gone to work.

Her child welcomed the man and showed him the house.

When she arrived she was shocked due to the way the man looks and he went on telling him oil what happened.

The mother later on became a friend to this guy and she helps him to solve some of his daily problems.

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