Witnessing the bittersweet moment as our conjoined twins peacefully depart on their journey. This emotional video will touch your heart deeply.

Life is the most challenging thing to everyone.

As humans, we do all we can to make it better day by day, so sometimes it turns out to be the last thing that we ever expected, since it is something that we can never predict.

We see the conjoined twins and their mother heading to the airport.

They were going to Italy because the help that they have been seeking for for a very long time had finally come.

The last time we visited them, we were handing in the funds that were donated for these babies to get advanced treatment abroad, since it had failed in Burundi.

They had been in the hospital for almost a year.

Their parents had completely lost hope about their babies ever surviving.

Like i said, before they got a chance to go to Italy, a lady that watched their story on a remarks English decided to help out at this level.

Everything was done.

Preparations were made, they got tickets and visas, prayed for the journey, said farewell to each and everyone in the hospital, took pictures before they left and they finally headed to the airport.

But before they went, something happened.

Today is an update, and this is their story.

She is called consesa, a mother to these babies.

She says that it was very hard for her to accept the fact that she had given birth to these babies in the first place.

It took time, but she finally learned how to accept and live with it, because she had nothing else to do.

During the time that she was pregnant, of course, she used to go for medical checkups.

The doctors always told her that everything was absolutely fine.

The babies were no more, and this made her feel that everything was going to be okay.

She kept on going for these checkups as time went by.

A few months later, they were checking for the gender of their children, and this is when she was told that one of them was a girl, but the second it was hard to notice because she was in a weird position.

She was told to go home and take crest, since this was no more, and that’s exactly what she did.

Time for giving birth came and she was rushed to the hospital.

She expected everything to go as it did before, because it was not the first time that she was giving birth.

Instead, what happened turned into something terrible, according to what they saw.

Um, the doctors were shocked

And they said that the babies were conjoined.

The only way to get them out of her was through surgery, because there was no way that they were going to pull them out all together due to the baby’s condition.

The doctor said that treatment was only possible in the countries abroad, because around here no one was going to risk to carry out such a surgery of babies who share the same body organs.

This was when she got to know about her baby’s condition.

Consesa could not go home at all because her husband was also sick, suffering from asthma.

Besides that, he was also taking care of other five children, which means that things had never been easy on both sides.

This made their life even more complicated.

It was not long after one of their babies terribly got sick.

She could not breathe easily anymore and she started becoming thin day by day.

The doctors immediately started treating this baby and they put her on oxygen support, which was never easy for them because it was also expensive.

This is when they were visited by Afrimax and their story got all to the world.

People donated money to this lady and we revisited them to give them the money, and they were so happy.

She could not believe what was happening, because it was the first time that she had ever seen anything like this, fortunately after their story had been published and she was requesting for help to take her children abroad.

A lady watched it and she decided to help this family.

She works with a medical ᴀssociation in Italy and when she told them about these babies, they accepted to carry out the surgery.

This was good news to them and she was the one that processed the documents for this lady and her children.

Finally, the day that was long waited for came.

They packed up their bugs and got ready for the journey to Italy.

Yeah, This is husband.

He is so happy that his family finally got help.

He was taking care of the other five children in the village, but due to high cost of transportation, he was not able to bring them here today.

The doctors had to check the baby’s condition and make sure that they would make it to Italy, because no doctor was going to be with them during the flight.

They also had to get enough oxygen for one of the babies that couldn’t live without it, and at this point they were good to go.

This lady also had the same case with concessor and she gave birth to conjoined twins.

She was sent to Egypt and this is where the surgery was carried out from, and the children are all fine now.

She came here today to give hope to Consesa and her husband as well.

They headed to the airport and it was time for going.

They went and everyone was left in joy.

Their father was thankful to each and everyone that made this happen when, consistently on the plane, they refused her to because the babies had an oxygen cylinder.

Most airlines prohibit the use of personal oxygen units during flights because they contain compressed gas or liquid oxygen.

These are defined as hazardous materials and this is why the babies were sent back.

She went back home thinking of a way to travel with her babies because they really needed this surgery.

A few days later, after they had missed their flight, the babies took their last breath and they died.

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